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Who we are

Progressive Democrats of LaPorte County is a group of citizen activists who care about public policy and see a strong, grassroots Democratic Party as the essential path toward creating a just and sustainable future for our County, our State, and our Nation.

The Mid-Term Election energized many of us to recommit to building an effective, long-term grassroots organization that can help to elect Progressive Democrats, eventually turning Indiana Blue again. The 2023-4 Elections will be incredibly important to elect quality Democrats to office at every level of government.

Join   $15/yr
Sustaining membership $50/yr

The Progressive Democrats of LaPorte County (formerly the Greater Michigan City Progressive Democrats) is a group committed to:

  • Deepening our knowledge of Progressive issues through lectures, films and study groups;

  • Building a coordinated precinct-to-precinct network that to dramatically increase voter

        registration and turnout

  •  Advocating for a transparent, inclusive and accountable LaPorte County Democratic Party; and

  • Celebrating the growing Progressive Movement locally and nationally!

Join us in developing the mission and road map for this new progressive, democratic movement in LaPorte County.

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