2019 Accomplishments


Greater Michigan City Progressive Democrats has four ongoing objectives:

  • To Deepen Understanding of a Progressive Political Issues

  • To Build a more effective LaPorte County Democratic Party with deeper grassroots leadership

  • To Elect Democratic candidates through Voter Registration and Door-to-Door Canvassing

  • To Celebrate the Growth of Progressive Politics Locally and Nationally



2019 Accomplishments

  • Political Forums: 

To give Democratic candidates an opportunity to present their agendas to the public and for the public to present their priorities

  • Primary Election Candidates for the Democratic nomination for Michigan City Mayor and City Council

  • General Election Candidates for Michigan City Mayor and City Council

  • Caucus Candidates for vacant LaPorte County Council position to be selected by LaPorte County Democratic Party  


Issue Forums:

To inform voters of the critical political issues what will inform the 2020 Presidential Election

  • Immigration Reform  

  • Expanding Health Coverage  

  • Gun Safety  


Door-to-Door Canvassing for Democratic Candidates: 

To strengthen Democratic party grassroots political participation

  • Printed and distributed 3,000 Voter Cards of the Democratic slate for the Michigan City Municipal Election on November 5th


Presidential Debate Watch Parties:

To celebrate the wealth of talent in the field of candidates running for the Democratic Nomination for President