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Sept 10, 2020

CALL TO ACTION: Ask Governor Holcomb to Approve Vote-By-Mail in November

In response to COVID 19, Governor Holcomb permitted all Hoosiers to vote absentee-by-mail in the June 2nd Primary Election if they chose to do so. In-person voting places were still available, but the Governor waived the previous requirement that voters have a limited number of “excuses” for voting by mail to include the whole population.
Progressive Democrats of LaPorte County urges you to call on Governor Holcomb to again permit all Hoosier voters to vote -by-mail in the November election and to do so soon so that local election officials have lots of time to prepare for a well-run election.
Here’s how to contact Governor Eric Holcomb:


By Phone:  317-232-4567
By Mail:
Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797
By Email:


Contest Every District Campaign Update


Progressive Democrats of LaPorte County has found widespread agreement among Democratic activists in every part of Indiana with the premise of the Contest Every District Campaign:  Democratic candidates need to be running in every State House and Senate District, bringing the Democratic message to every Indiana voter, if Democrats are to win a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. 

We were shocked to discover that 27 Indiana House and Senate Districts out of the 125 in this election were uncontested as of the Primary Election, so we mounted a three-month campaign starting in April to identify and encourage candidates in every Indiana district.

We connected with Democratic activists in 26 of the 27 legislative districts encouraging them to identify and support candidates for the November election. These efforts contributed to four additional candidates now running, reducing the uncontested districts from 27 to 23.  The Senate races stand out:  Democratic candidates are running in 22 of the 25 Senate districts up for election this year.  The House lags behind:  by our count, only 82 of the 100 House Districts have Democratic candidates; 18 do not!

In 2022, the Indiana Democratic Party needs to do a much better job of identifying and supporting candidates across the state!