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Stay in Your Lane!

Let's talk about freedom. Americans are having a huge problem with mandates that are being issued to address the Covid crisis. Those who are opposed often speak of the mandates "taking away their freedom."

For instance, look at what happens when governments, schools, and businesses try to enforce a simple mask mandate. There is outrage! Parents show up to school board meetings and speak of protecting their children's freedom. People act rudely or even attack the customer service worker who is tasked with enforcing the mask mandate. Republican government officials refuse to wear a mask, and cry persecution. Just a simple request... put a piece of cloth on your face, to reduce the spread of this virus... and some people will lose their minds over this!

The truth is, the government, schools, private businesses, etc have a right and a responsibility to enforce public health measures. These measures are in place to protect the general public from this horrible virus. And yes, they can and should enforce it!

Consider driving on an interstate. There are rules that all the drivers must follow: speed limits, one ways, proper lane usage, etc. Imagine if drivers suddenly refused to follow these rules, and there was no one there to enforce them. It would be deadly chaos! People driving at reckless speeds, darting between cars, driving the wrong way on a one way. Accidents would happen everywhere, people would be seriously injured or killed. It would snarl traffic, making it impossible to travel safely. And that would negatively affect everyone.

The truth is, freedom does not give you the right to recklessly endanger another person. There are rules, regulations, and guidelines in place to protect the general public, and everyone must follow them.

Your freedom ends when it begins to endanger others. That is not up for debate on an interstate, and it shouldn't be questioned when it comes to public health mandates.

So to all of you who are crying persecution over a mask mandate, I say to you. Stay in your lane or get off the road!



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