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Democratic Leadership Candidate Forum

On March 6th, LaPorte County’s Precinct Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs will select a Party Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for the next four years.  We need leaders with the vision and energy to take the Party to the next level.

A set of expectations for the County Chair that we drafted is available here to get a conversation going.  

Progressive Dems will sponsor a one hour Zoom Candidate Forum for all announced candidates on Wednesday, February 24th at 6 PM.  It will include presentations by the candidates and questions from citizens (via the Chat).  Sign up here:

Action Alert from Progressive Democrats of LaPorte County

February 2, 2021

Progressive Democrats urges you to contact Senators Young and Braun to encourage them to convict former President Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection.



Stay Up to Date on Indiana Politics

Listen to an interview of Arielle Brandy, Chair of Indiana Young Democrats on Indiana Politics with Deb Chubb:

White Supremacy Issue Forum

White Supremacy is a racist ideology that has always been around, but has really taken hold with the encouragement of President Donald Trump.  The siege of the Capital Building is just the latest episode in a growing wave of reactionary political activity.  Progressive Dems is hosting a Zoom Issue Forum on White Supremacy on Monday, February 22nd at 6 PM.   Sign up here for the Zoom link

The Future of the Indiana Democratic Party

Who will lead Indiana Dems |from The Indianapolis Star

​Who will lead Indiana Dems | Bill reduces Holcomb's powers
Plus, here's how Sen. Young and Sen. Braun have voted on Biden administration nominees.
Check out this story on

Scoop: Former Buttigieg aide Mike Schmuhl now likely to run for state chair - IMPORTANTVILLE 

Trish Whitcomb Enters Race to Become State Democratic Party Chair

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