Ryan Farrar—Statement of Candidacy

Ryan Farrar is seeking to bring a bold progressive vision to Congress. With a priority of restoring dignity to government by limiting the corrupting influence of money in our elections, Farrar aspires to see the end of a republic for sale to the highest bidder through comprehensive campaign finance reform. "How can we address climate change, healthcare, and criminal justice reform when our officials are being bought by the fossil fuel, insurance, and for-profit prison industries?" Farrar believes this issue obstructs progress of all other issues, and supports a slate of legislation designed to make representatives represent the people, and reverse the effects of the disastrous Citizens United decision by the Supreme court.

Ryan wants to be associated with landmark legislation such as Medicare for all and the Green New Deal. He additionally wants to expand labor rights, working toward a federal ban of right-to-work laws, as well as increase the minimum wage, and invest more substantially in education; including increased title 1 funds and tuition-free public colleges and universities. On criminal justice Farrar believes nonviolent offenders and drug addicts need treatment and not incarceration, and is an advocate for legal cannabis, and will fight to have the plant removed as a schedule 1 substance by the DEA.

Ryan Farrar is above all other things an advocate for peace, and will make clear to anyone that he is not ok with going to war with Iran. "I watched our country march to war based on lies before. I vowed to do everything in my power to prevent that from ever happening again. Now, here we are; and here I am." 

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