Wendell Mosby—Statement of Candidacy

Wendell Mosby is a proud resident of Schererville where he lives with his wife and six-year old son, who attends an area elementary school. Although Wendell was born and raised in Illinois, he traveled out of state to attend Iowa State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Production Management.

Wendell was an elected Trustee on the Board at Prairie State Community College serving a 6-year term. Wendell has also attained tremendous achievements as the Illinois State Director for the Young Elected Officials Network (2013-15); Chairman of the Illinois African-American Family Commission (2016) and ran several successful campaigns.

As a lifelong Democrat with over 25 years of public service, Wendell has remained committed to helping others from all walks of life. Just as he has served everywhere, he’s been, whether across the state of Illinois or now throughout Northwest Indiana; he will continue this fight for equitable and equal representation, justice and opportunity as Congressman for the First District.