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Blue Monday Social Hour with

LaPorte County Democrats

Join us!

Blue Monday:  LaPorte


Get to know your fellow Democrats and

Explore running for office in LaPorte!

WHEN?  Monday, June 12th, 6 PM

(The Second Monday of Each Month)


3rd Base Bar & Grill

1201Pine Lake Ave

LaPorte, IN 46350


Blue Monday:  Michigan City

Get to know your fellow Democrats!

WHEN?  Monday, June 26th, 6 PM

(The Fourth Monday of Each Month)


Shoreline Brewery

208 Wabash St.

Michigan City, IN 46360

Are You A Democratic Golfer?

 The LaPorte County Democratic Civic Club is hosting a golf outing on June 9th.  Sign up to spend a day on the links with fellow Democrats.

LaPorte County Democratic Civic Club Golf Outing

Whispering Pines Golf Course

Friday, June 9, 2023

Registration:  9 AM (LaPorte time)

Shotgun Start:  10 AM

Entry Fee:  $300 per team

$50 hole sponsorship

Plenty of prizes, food and drink

Contact:  John Lake, 219 380-4481

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Congrats Minnesota for an amazing legislative session!
See what is possible when Democrats govern!
The Status Kuo by Jay Kuo on Substack


That meant, for the first time in eight years, that the DFL held a majority in both chambers of the legislature and, with Walz in the governor’s mansion, there was a trifecta for Democratic  government. 

This time, the party wouldn’t waste any of its momentum. With many younger, first-time committee chairs in place, progressive leaders in the House, banking on their one-vote margin in the state Senate, pushed forward with a long-sought agenda to transform Minnesota. They tackled everything from labor laws to climate change, education to voting rights, bodily autonomy to gun safety. And they did it in five furiously paced months of hard work.

It was a 30-point checklist, and they hit all of their priorities. They paid for the programs with increases on sales taxes in the Twin Cities metro area, increases in vehicle registration fees, taxes on companies receiving global income, and reduced deductions for the wealthy. The GOP predictably hated these tax increases and complained bitterly about its inability to prevent the legislation from advancing. But unless and until they have their own trifecta in place, it will be hard to undo much of this.

Today I want to walk through these groundbreaking legislative victories for three reasons. 

First, they are a model for what is possible under unified Democratic governance, and other states should take note. (I’m looking at you, New York.) Second, they show that moderates and progressives within the Democratic Party can come together and pass meaningful, transformative legislation, even if they have to ignore Republican protests and overcome their intransigence and obstruction. And third, with so much of the former Confederacy backsliding into an authoritarian hellscape, we really need some wins to celebrate. And boy are these some wins.

So let’s talk about the New Vikings and what they did. In this summary, I’m borrowing heavily from the research and list created by metro policy analyst Will Stancil, from PBS, from Democracy Docket, and from local media such as the Duluth News Tribune.

Read the whole story here...

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Stay Up to Date on Indiana Politics

Listen to interviews with state-wide candidates, young grassroots organizations, and important thought leaders in Indiana on Electable with Deb Chubb on Spotify  itunes  YouTube

Indiana Now Has a Non-Profit News Source


The Indiana Capital Chronicle is an independent, nonprofit news organization dedicated to giving Hoosiers a comprehensive look inside state government, policy and elections. More importantly, we will show how actions at the state level impact your everyday lives.

Cup of Coffee

Over the years the number of journalists covering state news has dwindled and The Capital Chronicle will bring more eyes to the process. In addition to daily coverage, we will keep digging for more in-depth scrutiny on important topics.

Our staff of four – an editor and three reporters – has decades of experience covering the Indiana Statehouse and we are not afraid to take decision-makers to task. While the state capitol is in Indianapolis, we will also include perspectives from outside central Indiana.

The Indiana Capital Chronicle is part of States Newsroom, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by grants and a coalition of donors and readers. It is free of advertising and free to readers. Sign up

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